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Baby Fish Food 50g

 This baby fish food is a complete high quality diet specially formulated for discus, angels, African cichlid‘s & most other tropical species from one week old onwards. Very economical to use, and a 50g pack is more than enough to bring on a large batch of baby tropical fish. When 5 – 8 weeks old, change over to crushed flake to get them used to bigger foods.

 Analysis: Crude protein 43.0%, crude fat 7.0%, dietary fibre 5.0%, ash 8.0%, IU vitamin A (IU) 22,000 kg, IU vitamin D3 (IE) kg 1500, vitamin E mg / kg 100, vitamin Cmg / kg 150

 Net weight 50g                                 Best before 04/23

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NEW LOWER PRICE!! Baby fish food ideal for discus angels and most other tropical fish. CHEAPER THAN EBAY!!

  • £1.49

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