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  • Bloodworm sinking food pellets 500G.

Sinking Bloodworm pellets is an excellent natural colour enhancing food for your fish of any size, as once in the water. The pellet soften’s up so that any size fish, crab, shrimp or even baby fish fry can eat them. 100% natural hi-nutritional hydrolysed bloodworm extract. This succulent pellet is a far better feed than live bloodworm as you can introduce these pellets to your fish quite happily knowing that you are not introducing any kind of nasty organisms into your aquarium. We Are Currently offering 100g loose sinking beef heart pellet in no frills air tight sealed packet with less air for extra freshness for the price of a 90g tub ideal for discus saving you a further 10%!

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Bloodworm sinking food pellets 500G.

  • £13.00

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