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  • Interpet anti internal bacteria number 9.

Interpet anti internal bacteria number 9.

Anti Internal Bacteria (No 9) Treatment cures diseases with symptoms such as bacterial gill rot, dropsy, ulcers and septicaemia.

Internal systemic bacterial infections (pseudomonas, aeromonas, vibrio bacteria sp.) are a common cause of death in aquarium fish, previously only treatable with veterinary prescribed antibiotics. Anti Internal Bacteria is a breakthrough product, on general sale, which halts the progress of bacterial problems and prevents them spreading.

For use with coldwater and tropical fish systems:

Effective new active ingredients

Does not colour the aquarium water

Harmless to filters and all species of fish and plants

Pack includes:

100ml Anti Internal Bacteria


Measuring Cup

Guide to Fish Health Treats 500 litres (e.g. aquarium 5ft x 2ft x 2ft)

We recommend that you use this treatment when you fish show the following signs:

Swollen eyes

Open sores (ulcers)

Abdominal swelling (dropsy)

Hollow abdomen (emaciation)

Reddening/blood streaks under the surface

Gills pale and eroded

Loss of appetite, listless and darkening in colour

Sudden unexplained deaths


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Interpet anti internal bacteria number 9.

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