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  • 12 x plastic fish transport bags 8" x 19".

12 x plastic fish transport bags 8" x 19”

• Plastic fish bags for transporting cold water, tropical and marine fish.

• Ideal for discus from 2" to 4" head to tip of tail size.
• Elastic bands not included.
• Can be sealed with 3-4 strong elastic bands.
• Designed specifically for the purpose ensures that no toxic chemicals are present or are able to leach from the bag.
• All of our open ended Clear Plastic Fish Bags are made from 100% virgin low density polyethylene and meet all USDA and FDA requirements

Help and advice.

If using for overnight shipping through a courier, it is best to use four bags to allow the boxes the risk of being dropped or rough handling in transit. Using just one single bag will pop and leak. If you use four bags, this will not happen as long as you let some of the air pressure out and deflate slightly before sealing and tying the bag closed. If the bag is pumped up tight with air, and the box is dropped, the bags could pop or split! Also be aware that discus and many other fish have sharp dorsal fins and can split through single or double bags. In over twelve years of shipping fish, I have never known any fish or discus to pierce through four bags.

Make sure you add an oxygen tablet or pure medical grade oxygen, and if needed a heat pack or two depending on the time of the year with the weather.

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12 x plastic fish transport bags 8" x 19".

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