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  • 10 x my coal shipping heat packs.

10 x my coal shipping heat packs.

Keeps fish, corals and reptiles etc warm while being shipped for up to 24 hours. Can also be used for painful human health conditions. The warm packs are self-heating and therefore totally portable, as well as clean, safe, non-toxic, light and easy to use.

The warmers are activated by removing them from their protective airtight packaging to expose them to air. The blended ingredients of iron, salt and water, combined with the oxygen from the air, causes the rapid oxidisation of the iron particles. This reaction produces heat. The heating temperature and duration are controlled by the amount of air ventilation, which passes through the many tiny holes on the inner packets. The duration of the reaction is finite and the warmer should be disposed of after it has cooled.

This deal is for ten heat packs, individually sealed, and comes with one set of instructions on each pack.

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10 x my coal shipping heat packs.

  • Brand: My coal
  • Product Code: hpx1
  • Availability: 990
  • £10.99

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