About Us

Plymouth Discus started off as a hobby and has now grown into a full time business supplying discus support goods all over the world. After 46 years of being a hobbyist, Chris Ingham owner of Plymouth Discus Products has also written Discus articles for three of the UK's TOP Tropical Fish magazine's Tropical fish, Today's fishkeeper and Practical Fish keeping Magazine. Plymouth Discus has won best discus specialist 3 years in a row, and completely outright in 2011 and once again in 2012 as voted by his customers and the readers of Practical Fish Keeping Magazine.

Plymouth discus remains the Wormer Plus and Discus Delights main distributor and bringing out new products such as the stainless steel spawning cone guard, writing every month for the magazine and now finally completing the long awaited book "Discus World" Chris is kept very busy running the discus and discus support online shop.