Discus World Book


Discus World 2nd Edition Book.

A complete manual for the discus keeper.

Now in a revised and fully updated second edition, DISCUS WORLD is the complete manual for the tropical discus keeper. Written in clear, easy to understand language, DISCUS WORLD is the indispensable reference guide for caring for these fascinating fish.

Nicked named ‘the new discus bible by its readers, ‘ DISCUS WORLD is a complete manual for the discus keeper. Packed with loads of colour pictures, drawings and diagrams, it is written in clear, plain English & easy to understand layman’s terms. Keep nearby for a complete reference guide on keeping these fascinating fish. Make no recriminations; these fish will need lots of correct care, time and money. Do not skimp, or cut corners. If you do, they will let you know. Correct understanding; proper feeding, regular worming the same as you would treat other pets, and regular water changes should see healthy happy discus living for many years. Whither you are a new beginner, breeder, or well-seasoned discus keeper, a wealth of discus information is between these covers.

This book looks at:-
•Wild and cultivated discus.
•Which discus should I go for, cultivated or wild?
•How to set up and mature a brand new discus tank.
•Setting up a discus tank on a low budget.
•Upgrading from standard tropical fish, to discus.
•Which discus water, RO or HMA?.
•Logic location.
•Lighting and aquascaping the discus aquarium.
•Discus tank mates.
•Buying discus.
•Sexing discus.
•Project relocation.
•My discus tank has sprung a leak.
•Are discus really difficult?
•Far East visits.
•Health problems.
•Starting up a discus business.
•Real readers questions, answered.
…..and much, much more.

About the author:
Chris Ingham has been keeping many types of tropical fish, especially discus, for over four decades. Discovering discus changed Chris’s life, and has taken him around the world to places such as Singapore and Malaysia to attend the World discus championships, Aquaramma and too many discus farms in the Far East to name a few.
Chris’s company Plymouth Discus Products has won several awards, including Practical Fish Keeping magazine, best discus retailer five times. He has written regular columns on discus keeping for Tropical Fish and Tropical World magazines and, when time allows, for Practical Fish Magazine. Chris often speaks at clubs in his home region and attends shows around the world. By the request of many regular readers, Chris has compiled his wisdom in book form. He hopes you enjoy it.

Happy discus keeping!

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