Discus Delights No Frill's Pizza Box Style Refill Hamper pack with a 500 gallon pack of wormer plus

Discus Delights No Frill's Pizza Box Style Refill Hamper pack with a 500 gallon pack of wormer plus
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Discus Delights No Frill's Pizza Box Style Refill Hamper pack with a 500gallon pack of wormer plus.

Nett weight of foods 210g plus an extra 40g FREE, and just the same as the regular gourmet hampers, but without the plastic pots. Why pay for pots when you already have them and can refill them with the same regular discus delights gourmet hamper foods with no frill's packaging?

In each refill ‘pizza box style’ gourmet hamper pack is seven different packets of high quality discus food, making a break down on price at under £1.65 per different. It still needs no freezing or fridge storage, just a cool dry place to store and can be used straight from the box and each hamper should last between 4-6 months or more feeding six discus, depending on the size of the fish. If you have other fish in with your discus, just think of it as a posh food for them also and they will love it. Over the last year the foods in the hamper have changed slightly, making sure the lucky gourmet feeders never get bored with the same foods every day.

Sausage, bacon and eggs sound good to me. But imagine dining on that every day, every month all year round. Many breeders have seen a positive difference in productivity of their breeding pairs and have expressed how much healthier they are. The result we think is just simply feeding a wide varied diet, and providing all the levels of essential amino acids and vitamins etc. With some of the foods still in its natural form, this encourages natural feeding behaviour. Also with every one living a fast and busy life style, doesn't it make sense to have a quick, convenient food that is also safe to feed your fish, with everything they need all in one box? Many good proprietary foods are available these days, so taking the risk of feeding live tubiflex worms and ungamma rayed frozen foods, as in the old days of fish keeping is totally unnecessary. But with ‘discus delights’ available with seven different foods for each day of the week, is it worth taking that chance? All hamper packs can be delivered to your door anywhere in the UK.

So what’s in it?

New improved larger Brine shrimp flake.

Brine Shrimp Flake is extraordinarily popular because it is based on a more meaningful "dry product weight" basis, not the weight of frozen, on average, 85% water. Our Brine Shrimp Flake includes a generous amount of - yes – Brine shrimp!

Typical Analysis: Protein 52%, Oil 14%, Ash 13%, Fibre 3%, Vit A. 8,500 IU/kg, Vit. D3 6,700 IU/kg, Vit.E 200 mg/kg, Vit. C 450 mg/kg

Net weight 20g


Sinking Beefheart Pellet

Fast sinking, and soon softens up once exposed to water. Making a great traditional old favorite treat. This succulent pellet is a far better feed than the natural beefheart as you can introduce these pellets to your fish quite happily knowing that you are not introducing any kind of nasty organisms into your aquarium. Analysis: crude protein 46.0% min., crude fat 10.0% min., crude fiber 3.0% max., moisture 10.0% max.

Net weight 60g


Garlic colour enhancing granules

This is a complete colour enhancing diet for tropical fish. It contains a high amount of essential components like proteins, oil, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to keep tropical fish in excellent condition, and helps boost the immune system by including a 1.5% minimum  inclusion of garlic! Analysis: Protein 51 % Fat 11.0 % Crude fibre 0.6 % Ash 10.7 % Vitamins: Vitamin A 13.580 Iu/kg Vitamin D3 3000 Iu/kg Vitamin E 272 mg/kg Vitamin C (stable) 291 mg/kg

Net weight 40g


Health Booster Flake

The ingredients used are highly digestible and help to maintain good water quality in your aquarium. These Flakes are a complete feed with all vitamins and minerals required for daily use and a balanced amino acid and fatty acid profile. The high level of stable vitamin C promotes a good health and increases disease resistance.  Analysis: Protein 40 % Fat 5.0 % Crude fibre 2.0 % Ash 7.0 % Vitamins: Vitamin A 22.000 Iu/kg Vitamin D3 1.200 Iu/kg Vitamin e 100 mg/kg Vitamin C (stable) 350 mg/kg

Net weight 20g


Spirulina Granulate

Discus Granulate is a complete high quality granulated diet specially formulated for all Discus species. The granules offer a size variation that suits small and large Discus fish. Part of the granules will sink, while the other part floats on the surface for a while. This suits the feeding behaviour of Discus fish perfectly.Analysis: Protein 37 % Fat 6.0 % Crude fibre 1.8 % Ash 8.8 % Vitamins: Vitamin A 25.000 Iu/kg Vitamin 3 2.800 Iu/kg Vitamin E 220 mg/kg Vitamin C (stable) 330 mg/kg

Net weight 40g


Tropical flake medley

Tropical Flake Medley is a careful blend of four different flakes, making it widely accepted. We're confident that you'll see the added value in your fish, in their health and in their appearance. This food diet has exceptional water stability, so you'll see an improvement in your water quality as well. A great mix of quality foods, all in one tub for a great treat.

Analysis:Protein 49 % Fat 7.0 % Crude fibre 2.0 % Ash 7.0 % Vitamins: Vitamin A 25.000 Iu/kg Vitamin D3 1.500 Iu/kg Vitamin E 100 mg/kg Vitamin C (stable) 450 g/kg

Net weight 20g


Bloodworm pellets

A well known old favourate bloodworm pellets is an excellent natural colour enhancing food for your fish. 100% natural hi-nutritional hydrolyzed bloodworm extract. This succulent pellet is a far better feed than live bloodworm as you can introduce these pellets to your fish quite happily knowing that you are not introducing any kind of nasty organisms into your aquarium.

Typical Analysis: Protein 37%, fat 6%, fibre 2%, vitamins  A, D3, E & C, vit C 300 mg/kg.

Net weight 50g

These are the foods we use for our gourmet hampers. Because of availability, we reserve the right to change the foods of the hamper at any time.

Nett weight of foods 210g plus an extra 40g free!!

Legal warning ANY copying of material ,pictures or work WILL result in legal action being taken ' Design rights for this product rest with Chris Ingham' copyright 2004-2018 'patent applied for'



Many fish come from massive river systems where water changes all the time. This is the difference to keeping them trapped in a ‘glass box’ & with nowhere to escape, unwanted pest can build up & possibly be a problem to fish. Using wormer plus on a regular basis will help keep these pest down. If any fish is in good health, not picked on and kept in the correct conditions worms should not a problem. But as soon as the fish is stressed or bullied, its natural immunity is compromised and worms or other pest can take a hold. A sure sign of a worm problem is when the fish still eats, yet is wafer thin with the famous pinched in look above the eyes. Wormer plus will rid discus & aquarium fish of internal helminths, plus a host of other pest. Although a second dose after four days will be needed in heavy infestations of flukes. So if your discus looks black, emaciated or just worn out use wormer plus on a regular basis and do them a favour. It is not necessary to turn off U/V sterilisation during its application, but it is advisable to remove carbon whilst using this medication for full effect. Wormer plus can be mixed with other aquarium medications. 100% safe & will not harm the biological filtration. Can be used with, puffer fish, and free-swimming fry from one week old.

100% safe to use in aquariums with plants. An easy to use 30 UK gallon measuring scoop is supplied in every pack, making it easy to measure out and to administer the treatment. Full instructions are on the back of every pack. Using wormer plus once a month will help to keep your valued discus & fish in tip top health.

Flubendazole is the effective main active ingredient, & works differently to other fluke treatments by gently starving the parasite. Making this product perfectly safe for regular usage. 

WARNING: It is advisable NOT to use this medication in a tank containing stingrays or pet snails.

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