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January 17, 2018

Discus Delights Gourmet Food Hamper, and 2000 Gal pack Wormer Plus

Discus Delights Gourmet Food Hamper, and 2000 Gal  pack Wormer Plus
Brand: Plymouth Discus and Kusuri
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Bundle deal offer!

Discus Delights Gourmet Food Hamper, and a  2000 UK Gal  pack Wormer Plus. (Net weight of foods 210g).

Apart from a fresh new look that will catch the eye on any retailer’s shelf, and at just £21.99 a box is very economical to use. In each gourmet hamper is seven different packets of high quality discus food, making a break down on price at less than £3.15 per tub. It needs no freezing or fridge storage, just a cool dry place to store and can be used straight from the box and each hamper should last between 4-6 months or more feeding six discus, depending on the size of the fish. If you have other fish in with your discus, just think of it as a posh food for them also and they will love it. Over the last year the foods in the hamper have changed slightly, making sure the lucky gourmet feeders never get bored with the same foods every day.

Sausage, bacon and eggs sound good to me. But imagine dining on that every day, every month all year round. Many breeders have seen a positive difference in productivity of their breeding pairs and have expressed how much healthier they are. The result we think is just simply feeding a good quality wide varied diet, and providing all the levels of essential amino acids and vitamins etc. Also with every one living a fast and busy life style, doesn't it make sense to have a quick, convenient food that is also safe to feed your fish, with everything they need all in one box? Many good preparatory foods are available these days, so taking the risk of feeding live tubiflex worms and ungamma rayed frozen foods, as in the old days of fish keeping is totally unnecessary. But with ‘discus delights’ available with seven different foods for each day of the week, is it worth taking that chance?

So what’s in each pack? 

Krill flake 20g.

This Krill flake contains at least 40% krill, suitable for the daily diet of most fish tropical fish. Rich in amino acids and Omega 3 fatty acids. This flake can be fed directly, No more than the fish can consume in a few minutes. Do not feed to the exclusion of other foods.

Analysis: Crude protein 47.0%, Crude Fat 10.5%, Fiber 3.5%, Ash 9.5%

IU Vitamin A (IU) 26,200 kg
IU Vitamin D3 (IU) kg 1570
Vitamin E mg / kg 100
Vitamin C mg / kg 525

Contains Astaxanthin 136 mg / kg this ensures intense coloration of your fish.

spirulina tablets 50g.

These spirulina tablets are ideal for all herbivoruos fish, discus, algae eaters, bottom feeders etc. Made with natural ingredients of plant and animal origin. Produced in a form of tablets which may be stuck to a glass inside the aquarium.

 Crude protein 38%

Crude Fat 4%
5% dietary fiber
Ash 8%

Vitamins A 23,000 (i.e. / KG)
Vitamin D3 1,500 (i.e. / KG)
Vitamins E 100mg/kg
Vitamins C 200 mg / kg

Green discus flake 20g.

A perfect Flake comprising many ingredients for the daily feeding of discus and Malawi cichlids and other herbivorous cichlids. A very diverse composition ensures excellent condition and beautiful colour. Nettle fiber regulates the functioning of the digestive tract, peas and spirulina are a source of highly absorbable protein. Wheat Germ provides valuable unsaturated fatty acids. L-carnitine stimulates the fat burning. Contains spirulina (6%) flakes, these flakes are made from very good ingredients. This food is suitable for all plant-eating fish.
Crude Protein 40.0%, Crude Fat 6.5%, Fiber 3.5%, Ash 9.0%
IU Vitamin A (IU) 32,000 kg
IU Vitamin D3 (IU) kg 1900
Vitamin E mg / kg 120
Vitamin C mg / kg 440

Discus granules 40g.

These granules are slow sinking giving all your fish time to feed from it. They contain many added vitamins plus spirulina, this algae, intensifies the colors of your fish naturally and provides a better resistance. Suitable for all tropical fish, not just discus!.

Crude Protein 45%, Crude Fat 5.5%, Dietary Fibre 5%, Ash 9%

Red discus flake 20g.

Red discus  fish flake mix of superb quality, suitable for daily sustenance for discus and most cichlid fish species. Contains red and green flakes that are energy rich and promote digestion. For the everyday feeding of discus and Malawi cichlids a much diversified formula guarantees excellent condition, beautiful coloration and stimulates breeding

Analysis: Crude protein 48.0%, Crude Fat 7.0%, Dietary fiber 3.0%, Ash 9.0% 

IU Vitamin A (IU) 26,000 kg

IU vitamin D3 (IE) kg 1800

Vitamin E mg / kg 110

Vitamin C mg / kg 250

Contains: Beta-Carotin 145 mg / kg / astaxanthin 56 mg / kg for intense colour of your fish


Stick On tablets for discus and cichlids 40g.

It is a protein complete fish food for omnivorous aquarium fish requiring a diet richer in protein. Discus, cichlids or others, especially during spawning – season and as a supplement food for others. Especially recommended during the period of growth of a young fish.  Produced in a form of tablets which may be stuck to a glass inside the aquarium. Ingredients used in production guarantee a good condition of fish bred. Modern technology of making forage by tableting (no heat treatment) makes that material keeps its properties in 100%. Supplements used, including lecithol, have a very good impact on appropriate metabolism and proper development of fish fed.

cereal and fish products, protein concentrate, dicalcium phosphate, fodder yeast, animal hemoglobine, fish oil, magnesium stearate, lecithol, minerals and vitamine supplements

The content of nutrient elements:

Crude protein 45%, Crude fat 7%, Crude fiber 5%, ash 6,5%, moisture 7%

The content of vitamins in 1 kg of a dry mass:
vitamin A – 20000 IE, vitamin D– 1500 IE, vitamin E -100mg, vitamin C – 120mg, B– 10mg, B2 – 18mg, B– 8mg, B12 – 35mg, pantothenoic acid – 40mg, niacin–100mg, biotin –1000mcg, folic acid–2mg


 Spirulina flakes 20g.

Spirulina Flakes are not only an excellent natural colour enhancer, Spirulina, also stimulates your fish's immune system to attack gram-negative bacteria. Gram-negative bacteria are known to cause a variety of diseases in fish. By using Spirulina Flakes, your fish are healthier, heartier and more vibrant. This diet is appropriate for all freshwater and marine species.

 Crude protein 44.0%, Crude Fat 6%, Dietary fiber 3%, Ash 8%

These are the foods we use for our gourmet hampers. Because of availability, we reserve the right to change the foods of the hamper at any time. Nett weight of foods 210g.

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